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Through ONO’s own eyes, we see how we are constantly tracked through our digital communications. While a lot of the time this might not be harmful for us, we have little control over what we want to keep private and what is available for viewing, recording and information harvesting. This is crucial for activists and journalists who might be under surveillance and whose digital activities can put them in danger. ONO explores some of the ways that people can protect their identity and separate who they are from what they are doing such as: the use of anonymising and circumvention tools and encryption. ONO warns us that we need to know what we are doing when trying more advanced privacy techniques and provides a checklist for the best practises which everyone can implement in our daily use of email, mobile phones and online services.

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ONO is your robotic friend who is plugged into the digital world. The world of internet, email, mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter…And he’s on a mission to show you how to use these securely. Sign up to ONO’s mailing list to stay updated!
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Thu, 05/10/2012 – 13:48
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