Supplementary Information to Know Before Buying Cheap Windows 11 Product Keys

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intends to provide information to users of Windows 11 looking for cheap product keys. Apparently, even if they were able to activate or upgrade to Windows 11 for free and use the program indefinitely without a product key, users will eventually encounter issues including limitations and loss of access to personalization settings. In most cases, users see the Activation watermark appearing on the bottom right corner of their computer device.

commands of operating systemActually the watermark comes with an
“Activate Windows” prompt, because as far as Microsoft’s activation system is concerned, use of the Windows 11 is unauthorized. Microsoft will recognize the setting up of the Windows OS in a device only if the license registration key was provided at point of activation.

Why Windows 11 Product Keys are No Longer Relevant

Generally, Windows OS users can still harness the core functionalities of the latest Windows OS including installing other apps and games even without a product key. Windows users should have awareness that starting with the Windows 10 program, the product key has been replaced by the license key, which Microsoft gives to Windows 10 and 11 subscribers who registered their device via their Microsoft account.

In doing so, the software company’s system will add the OS subscription to the record of Microsoft products being used by the owner of the MS account. Apparently, a license registration is important because even without a product key, users can gain access to upgrade features related to their Windows 11 subscription.

That being the case, the license key and not an obsolete or defunct product code will complete the installation or upgrade process. Also, registering the license key will automatically cause the Activation Watermark to disappear.

multiple device one operating system licenseMicrosoft support explains that the licence registration and activation processes are important in ascertaining that the copy of the Windows OS in use is authentic and not in violation of a Microsoft Software License Agreement covering multiple devices; including the Builder’s License of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Apparently, this has reference to the product keys being traded in the Gray Market. Bear in mind that In the event that Microsoft detects an unregistered Windows OS activated by an illegally traded license key, the user is also at risk of facing unpleasant legal consequences.

Other Circumstances that Require the Registration of a Windows 11 Licence

Aside from first time installers, know that there are other circumstances that require a Windows 11 user to obtain and register a Microsoft license. Otherwise, they are also at risk of encountering issues when upgrading or reinstalling their Windows operating system.

Users of refurbished devices supported by a Windows 10 or 11 OS previously downloaded from the online Microsoft Store must likewise purchase and register a license from Microsoft. That way, the license will be linked to the appropriate Microsoft account of the current device user.

Changing the hardware, particularly the motherboard, of a computer device, must likewise be submitted for a new license registration. Mainly because the previous license is linked to the replaced hardware.